Prophetic Coaching

Prophetic Coaching

“To be still, to live in the grace of God, to be aware of His presence, and to be at rest are the goals of prophetic ministry.” Graham Cooke


If you would like to grow personally in your journey of hearing God speak and using the gift of prophecy we offer in-depth coaching on growing in the prophetic.

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Coaching huddles are fortnightly via Skype or Google+, they last 60 minutes and have 3-5 participants in, each course last 11 months.  In these coaching sessions you will have an opportunity to understand and process the key Biblical principles of hearing God speak, as well as learning essential tools for discipleship.  You will learn practical skills to equip you in your own prophetic ministry and in discipling others in theirs.  For further information please contact us.

What people are saying

“I love being part of the Monday morning huddle with Ceri. It’s the first time in my Christian walk where I’ve truly been challenged and stretched in the prophetic. The teaching is powerful and perceptive and I’m able to put into words what before had just been feelings and senses, which makes explaining prophecy to others a lot easier. I feel so encouraged and supported by Ceri who leads the huddle, as well as the three other women who are part of it. I genuinely look forward to Monday mornings now, which is a testimony in itself. If you’ve ever wanted to go deeper in your own prophetic gift, or if you desire to inspire those around you to grasp a hold of prophecy, then do consider a coaching huddle, I’ve found it so life giving and equipping.”

This article was first published in the Accessible Prophecy Winter Newsletter 2016.  Find out more here