Adventures in parenting

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My baby girl left home for 5 months yesterday. Now in reality she’s not a baby but a beautiful young woman. It’s a strange new part of our parenting journey that we are entering into.

When she was born, as I looked into her beautiful eyes, my heart’s desire was that she’d grow to know how much the Father loved her, and how much we loved her. My longing was that her identity would be based not on the transient but on who she is in God.

As I have watched her getting ready for her big adventure I’ve seen that she knows those things. Now of course there is a fuller, deeper measure to which she can know them, but they are the anchors in her soul and that makes my heart sing.

In these days of preparation my mind keeps going to this verse;

“But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart”. Luke 2:19

The “things” referred to here are the visit from the Shepherds after an angel appeared and told them of Jesus’s birth. It also says that many were astonished by the shepherds’ story but Mary treasured them in her heart. Mary knew her son was born as the Saviour. All the Old Testamemt descriptions of this saviour were of one who would suffer and die. Mary would have grown knowing these truths. Her experience of pondering was to know the joy and pain that parenting so often is, a heart that aches whilst it sings.

Today my heart aches at the loss and yet sings as I watch my beautiful girl being obedient. For her this adventure is costly emotionally, but she know it’s what God has called her to. Today, as I ponder this parenting journey, I think to my other children and the day they too will leave. I’m sure that the greatest gift I can give them is for me to keep developing and living out who I am in God and to keep asking God to give me a vision for their lives, and live out of that.

So often we can have hopes and dreams for our children, but what we really need is a vision for who God has created them to be and then parent them in the light of that. Today I’m grateful for the vision God gave us for our beautiful girl and my heart sings and aches as she takes further inroads into that. I’m looking forward to the new things I will store in my heart as I watch her grow more into her God shaped dream.