Life lessons

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This week my baby girl leaves school. Now in reality she’s no longer a baby, she is a grown woman. But it is a moment, just like starting school is a moment. It has caused me to think about all that she has learnt and all that is deemed necessary for her to know in order for her to be launched into her future.

Having her was a journey and when she finally arrived I knew that I was changed. Suddenly life was different. As I sat and nursed her I would think about her future and in those moments I knew that the biggest thing that I wanted to teach her was that there was a Father in heaven who loved her and gave himself for her. My measure of success as a mother was that she would know that the Father loved her, that we her parents loved her and that she could love herself. From that secure foundation I knew that she would be able to fly. That has always been my heart for all my children.

To come anywhere near achieving that goal meant that I would need to give her something that she wanted to immitate. Having those desires for her meant that I needed to change and develop who I was. It meant that my relationship with the Fatherbneeded to be real, authentic and consistent. I knew that she would need to see Him making a difference in our ordinary everyday lives. For me to hope to fulfill my desires for her as a mother meant me making sure that I was a disciple.

Being a disciple is about following, imitating, learning, changing and over the years I have sought to do that. I have sought to deepen and develop my relationship with God and be ever learning. It has meant being led and held accountable for my life and my walk with others and with God. It has meant being real even when I wanted to hide. It has meant being honest about the successes and failures within my life. It has meant living in community and not alone. It has meant learning to be told that I am wrong and that there are things that need to change.

To achieve my desires for my daughter has meant a comitment to realising that it was me that needed to learn and love these things in order for her to know them. Nearly 19 years later she is grown and will soon be moving into new adventures. She does know the things that I desired for her and for both of us. That has been a journey and now my desire is that she will build on that foundation and grow even more into both being a disciple and so discipling others.

Whilst school has been hugely important and significant in her journey, a lot of what she has learnt will not be used again, but the life long lesson of being a disciple and discipling others is one that lasts through the whole of life.

So who is discipling you today and who are you discipling?