Life Purpose Coaching



“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” (Harold Whitman)



For Christians, purpose involves being and doing. It is being who God intends us to be and doing what he intends us to do. It is to be with the Father and to be faithful to what he calls us to do each day. Additionally, it is finding the distinct work that God has designed us to do.


“For we are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which he has prepared for us to do” – Ephesians 2:10


Finding the things that he has prepared for us to do can sometimes seem difficult and frustrating. We can feel a discontent with where life is, a sense that all is not all that it could be. If we let it, that discontent can drives us towards God to discover what he’s called us to be. Discovering our purpose is the secret to unlocking the freedom and power to be all that God has designed us to be.  As a Life Purpose Coach, trained and accredited by Life Purpose Coaching Centres International, I am passionate about women becoming all that God has made them to be and enabling them to unlock that freedom.

How do I discover my purpose?

It can be hard to see our purpose clearly. We rush through life rarely pausing to ask the question “What am I designed to be?” Many other things can prevent us from seeing clearly what the answer to that question is: our past experiences, other people’s expectations and our present circumstances. One of the best ways to discover the answer this question is to set aside some time to embark on an exciting journey of discovery. This is where I can help.

Life Purpose Coaching is a series of conversations that are designed to help you find your purpose. Together we will journey through your life looking at the past, the present and the future. As a Life Purpose Coach my aim is to help you discover your God given purpose and to see the way that he has already shaped and equipped you for that purpose.


Is this for me?

You will benefit from Life Purpose Coaching if…

  •  you have never felt that you have known what your purpose is.
  •  you think you know your purpose but can’t see how it fits with your current circumstances.
  •  you have been living with a sense of purpose for a while but our restless sensing God might have something more for you.
  •  you are in a season that is coming to an end, or aware of a new season beginning. Sometimes we can suddenly, unexpectedly find ourselves in a new season and that in itself can be very disorientating.


How does it work?

There are two coaching opportunities available that can either stand alone or work in tandem.

Life Purpose Coaching Conversations

This involves ten weekly one hour conversations. These conversations will be based around a work-book that will become a valuable tool in discovering your purpose. Coaching in person, via skype or email available.

Two Day Life Purpose Facilitation

Using a variety of formats, the two day Life Purpose Facilitation aims to help you see the bigger picture of your life and clarify your God given purpose and help you to become intensely focused on the goals for the core areas of your life for the next 2-3 years.


How much does it cost?

Life Purpose Coaching Conversations – £25 per session (ten sessions)

Two Day Life Facilitation – £280 (this includes lunch both days)


What are people saying about it?

“God has spoke powerfully in every session…I have grown in confidence and understanding”


“These sessions have reaffirmed to me the gifts that God has given to me and brought to the fore a dream I have that God planted in me long ago”


“This journey has been life changing. I end it with a deep sense of what God created me to be”


How do I apply?

If you are considering Life Purpose Coaching, or would like to know more, please contact me for a free introductory appointment to see whether I am able to help you at this stage of the journey.