Protecting by connecting

Posted by on March 18, 2013 in Parenting | 0 comments

For thirty minutes this week our son was missing.  Thirty minutes isn’t long.  In normal time thirty minutes is never quite enough time, but in those moments when we didn’t know where he was it seemed like a huge amount of time.

Our oldest daughter had gone to collect him from a club.  After waiting where she always waits for a while,  she figured that he had overrun.  She then went looking for him and grew increasingly concerned as her search didn’t locate him.  She rang home and my husband went to help her look.  Now in reality he wasn’t really lost,  they just kept missing each other.  I can only say that in hindsight, secure in the knowledge that he’s safe, but at the time all our attention was given to finding him and bringing him home.

That moment has caused me to think.  As his parents we love him with a fierce love that longs to protect him and enable him to grow.  We give time and effort.  In our parenting we long for him to be safe, secure, so the thought that we didn’t know if he was secure was awful.  It has made me wonder how God feels about us.  He is the Father of all, the creator of all things and he loves us as sons and daughter.

“I have loved you with an everlasting love” – Jeremiah 31:3

The reality of what we felt in those thirty minutes is nothing compared to what God feels.  Many of his children are lost, many of his children don’t know him as Father and his sorrow is greater than anything we felt.  He longs for his children to be in intimate relationship with him.

The fierce love we have for our children needs to have at its base the truth that the biggest thing we need to fight for in their lives is their relationship with God.  Protecting them means connecting them to the Father who is the source of all life.  So in  the midst of the challenge and fun of parenting making sure that we give time to connect them with the Father who loves them is the biggest gift and protection that we can give.