The Course




“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10.10)



Redeeming Eve – The course


This is a six session course exploring:

  • how women and men are equal in value but different by design
  • how women display God’s image and how the fall has affected that design
  • how we have a shared adventure with men
  • how we handle issues of self worth and value
  • how wounds from our past can stop us being all that God created us to be
  • how we can find pathways towards healing and freedom
  • how we were designed with a purpose to be discovered

For more details please contact Ceri Harris


What people have said

“This course has made me feel valued, wanted and healed. I would recommend it to women who are looking for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God.”

“Redeeming Eve has shown me I’m loved, valued, accepted and has freed me to have a more positive self-image and be at peace with God”

“This course has brought me freedom and healing and brought my relationship with my husband to a new place”


Why it came to be written

Ceri writes:

“After many years of working with women through the local church I kept encountering the same problems amongst women again and again. In my conversations with God I kept saying that it would be great to have a course for women that addressed some of these issues.  His reply was always the same: ‘Write it then!’ I would shrug it off with laughter. One Christmas I fell and broke my wrist. I would be in plaster for 4 months. After my initial frustration I asked God to give me a vision for this extended time of incapacity. His response was that now I could write that course. Redeeming Eve was born.”